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Can Bosch appliances really make music?

Just like an orchestra is much more than the sum of its parts, Bosch uses invisible connections to elevate today’s appliances, devices, machines and more. Our SENSORCHESTRA portrays these connections on an audible level – making the Internet of Thing’s power and potential strikingly tangible. Stay tuned: this symphony has only just struck its first chord.

It was absolutely fascinating to discover the music these connected appliances and devices can make.

- SENSORCHESTRA sound engineer

Mix of connections

A total of 117 high-quality sound samples resulted from just 8 Bosch products, including a smoke detector, a washer, and an oven. There was also a natural reverberation created in the warehouse that we used as a musical component, complementing the appliances’ sounds.

Capturing the sounds

During our stint in Berlin we used high-precision classical recording microphones to capture every sound the SENSORCHESTRA created. So the fine nuances of each whirr, click and buzz were recorded using traditional techniques but in the unusual acoustic setting of an industrial space.

Go behind the scenes

Are you all ears? Great! Witness the formation of the SENSORCHESTRA – on the inside in our making-of clip.

The SENSORCHESTRA: How it all began

An abandoned warehouse in the hip city of Berlin. An array of smart Bosch appliances and devices. Some guys and gals with a knack for orchestrating the extraordinary. Around 2 week straight of hard work. And last but not least, the burning desire to let people actually hear the connections! Stick around to hear what happens next!

Hearing the connections has only just begun

We have ambitious, exciting plans for the SENSORCHESTRA. Here’s a glimpse to tantalize your senses.

  • Interactive experiences

    Don’t just hear how connectivity sounds, be part of it!

  • New performances

    With regular enhancements on our setup and location.

  • Special events

    We are excited to confirm a live DJ-Set at the Connected Experience in Berlin. Stay tuned for more content!

Bringing connections to life

Discover more about the Bosch technologies behind the SENSORCHESTRA, which made its global debut at CES 2016. And find out what’s possible with connectivity.

We are Bosch

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Want to hear the connections?

Check out this crazy project! A bunch of Bosch appliances making real music as the #SENSORCHESTRA at

Stay tuned – more coming soon!

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